2018/2019 Ijmb Form Out

This is to inform the general public that the 2018/2019 IJMB Form is out, and registration is currently ongoing. Although registration for the new session has been on since late last year, we are glad to inform prospective students that registration is now fully on. And you can purchase the 2018/2019 Ijmb form at any of our Ijmb registration centres across the country. To quickly reach us to guide you about the registration, call us on 08160120236. You can WhatsApp us, too.


There are some very important things you need to know about Ijmb programme before you obtain the 2018/2019 IJMB form. Why you should take your time to read these points is because the registration fee isn’t refundable. And also to stay careful and clean of online fraudsters, who dupe students with fake IJMB site and bank account details.

  1. IJMBE simply means Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. And it is a direct entry admission programme, which Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, moderates. But this does not imply that all Ijmb registered students must go to Zaria to study. There are affiliated IJMB study centres around the country.
  • Not all Ijmb study centres are registered affiliated IJMB study centres. There are many IJMB study centres that are operating illegally. Therefore, we warn the general public to be careful with whom they register with. Don’t waste your money, time and other resources with an ijmb centre that is not recognized. Such illegal ijmb centres create result problems for their candidates.
  • Not all Nigerian Universities that accept ijmb programme for admission. Make sure the school you want to go is on our list. But we advise that you don’t restrict yourself to a particular school, there are great schools like University of Ilorin among a long list of others, that accept Ijmb.
  • You have the right to choose any state you want to study as far as there are registered IJMB study centres there. Don’t mind the excuse that you will need to be transferred from your preferred state to another state because of one reason or another.

  • Ijmb Exams is, if everything goes on fine, always scheduled for February. After which new session begins by March/April. So, for those obtaining for 2018/2019 ijmb form, get ready to resume by March/April.
  • Clearance commences immediately after the exam for a session. Clearance for the candidates who obtain 2018/2019 ijmb form commences by March.
  • It is not possible that a student resumes by January. If there’s any IJMB center that encourages you to join a session by January, which is a month away from the final IJMB exam, then all they are after is your money.  Any time latest than September, we advise that you don’t register. Instead wait for the next session.
  • Also, know about ijmb fees. Ijmb fees vary depending on where you do your ijmb programme. Here in ijmbcentre.com, our tuition fees vary from one state to another. But we can assure you they are affordable.


To obtain 2018/2019 ijmb form is not at all hard. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines below.

  • Visit any of our ijmb registration centres. We have ijmb registration centres around. For those who are in places where we presently don’t have our ijmb registration centres, there is another option. Email us at ijmbcenter94@gmail.com, requesting for the form. Or call our hotline 08160120236.
  • The fee for 2018/2019 ijmb form is #8,000. Beware of those fraudsters online who say they are doing promo, thereby selling the form for #4,000 or so. The truth is WAEC or JAMB can not sell their forms such manner on the premise of promo. Also, know that those that sell ijmb form online for more than #8,000 because of some bank charges are only extorting you. The form is #8,000.
  • When coming to any of our Ijmb registration centres, bring along your O’level result, and two passport photograph size of yourself.      Note: Ijmb programme allows for awaiting result for registration.
  • Fill in the form accurately before submitting. To avoid unnecessary errors is why we always advise that you register at our registration centres, where our registration agents can put you through. And for those who registering through their email address, know that there is a stand by agent, ready to answer all your questions.
  • Once you obtain your 2018/2019 ijmb form and complete your registration, begin to make plans for clearance and resumption.

For more info concerning 2018/2019 ijmb form, contact us on 08160120236 or ijmbcenter94@gmail.com.  We wish you success!