This post is basically about Ijmb programme. We have tried to navigate every possible area about Ijmb programme. We have answered in the post the many questions about Ijmb programme. The first thing you need to know about IJMB Programme is that it’s very real and genuine. Ijmb programme is not itself a fraud, but some bad people take advantage of admission seeking students’ vulnerability to defraud them.
IJMB programme in full is IJMBE, and it simply means Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. The need to spell this out is because a lot of people, parents especially, that call us often to make enquiries about Ijmb programme keep confusing IJMB with I-JAMB. Although, there is no such thing as I-JAMB, we still need to clarify that the programme is IJMBE, or IJMB in short as it is popularly called.
Basically, IJMB programme does only one thing; it helps students secure direct entry admission into (200level) in over 70% of Nigerian universities that accept Ijmb, without the need to write JAMB, or POST UTME.
Interim Joint Matriculation Board is a body established by the Interim Common Services Agency (ICSA) under the direction of the then Government of the old Northern Region of Nigeria, as a means of providing easy access to education for the many youths of the Northern Region. And ever since, a whole of developmental phases had been introduced into IJMB programme, making the programme a national one now, which allows students from other regions in Nigeria to have access to it.
Another thing you should know about Ijmb programme is that In 1977, the first examination of the programme was organised and conducted by the the body for all candidates who had undergone the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination’s Post Secondary Programme in the existing schools of Basic and Preliminary Studies, which had substituted the HSCE.
People keep asking is ijmb programme real. The question now should not be how genuine the programme IJMB is ?. This is because we have passed the latent stage of having to explain and reexplain what IJMB means, or answer basic questions about Ijmb programme. Firstly, you need to know that IJMB as a programme is a Nigerian Federal Government educational programme, certified by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) as a DIRECT ENTRY PROGRAMME. And over the years, thousands of Nigerian students have been beneficiaries of this great opportunity.


IJMB programme is popularly said to be a 9month programme, but that entirely might not be true. This in a way is said to facilitate the interest of the public to the programme. Although, it is not an injurious lie. But officially, IJMB programme runs for one year. So, for those who keep calling to confirm the duration about Ijmb programme, this partbisbfor you.
IJMB examination is officially and uniformly done by FEBRUARY every year. And a new session is supposed to begin as soon as the exams end, which, without any unforeseen delay, is mid April.
But due to the fact that there are many independent IJMB programme centres across the country, the resumption date is always different and peculiar to each Ijmb study centres in Nigeria. Some Ijmb study centres resume by March, and some by May. What students should know is resumption for IJMB programme lasts till around October, depending on the student’s ability to catch up with what must have been taught during his/her absence.



How IJMB programme works is simple and straight forward. Any interested candidate is to obtain Ijmb registration form at any of our IJMB registration centres across the country, or forward his/her Email address to ijmbcenter94@gmail.com, requesting for the form. Of which payment process will be sent along the form. Our account details are not online, and this is to avoid any fraudulent act. And we advised against online payment too. So, whoever is interested in obtaining the form should contact us.
While filling the form, the candidate is to fill in three O’level subjects that are paramount to his/her course of study. What subjects to take is not any problem as our registration agents at our various registration centres are always there to help you through the registration process without any stress. Read more about ijmb form and registration procedures.
The candidate passes through the period of serious teaching and lecturing between 5 to 11months, depending on when the candidate resumes, in preparation for the final exam by February. After that, the results are released by April. And the candidate applies for direct entry by obtaining direct entry form by May/June. Without much stress, the candidate is in 200level.



There is a grading system you need to know about Ijmb programme.
The total points for IJMB programme is 16points. 15points are gotten from the three subjects registered for by the candidate, while 1point is a bonus point for all candidates given that he/she did not fail any of the registered subject.

70% — 100% is 5points (A)
60% — 69% is 4points (B)
50% — 59% is 3points (C)
45% — 49% is 2points (D)
40% — 44% is 1point (E)
39% below is 0 point (F)

Let us take for example the result of AGORO CHIDERA IDIAT who registered for Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for Medicine as her chosen course of study:
Chemistry — 78%
Physics — 67%
Biology — 53%
The calculation of the grades is thus:
Chemistry 78% is A — 5points
Physics 67% is B — 4points
Biology 53% is C — 3points
The total points of AGORO CHIDERA IDIAT is therefore 5+4+3= 12points. The 1 bonus point is then added to 12 as the candidate didn’t fail any subject, making her point 13, enough for Medicine in any Nigerian university accepting IJMB.
Ijmb candidates should note that they can secure direct entry admission even with 6points. The only thing is that it might not be the course they put in for. But be assured that you can’t waste your time with IJMB programme, and that’s a good thing about Ijmb programme.


This is another important thing to know about IJMB Programme.
The Universities are:
                  University of Ilorin
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
    Delta State University, Abraka
    Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)
    Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
    Federal University of Technology, Minna
    Rivers State University of Science and Technology
    University of Uyo
    Cross River State University of Science & Technology
    Benue State University
    All Universities in Northern States and Middle Belt, Nigeria
    All Private Universities in Nigeria.
And discussions are ongoing on adding some other reputable universities which are not included in the list.


You should be wondering what exactly is about Ijmb programme should convince you to apply for it.
The reasons you should consider registering for IJMB programme are not far fetched.
IJMB programme is a sure way of securing admission into the university without writing Jamb and Post Utme.
Ijmb programme result lasts for more than five years for use. This means that, the result does not expire after a year. So, those people who, after the programme, are not ready to apply for direct entry straightaway, can still use their results after four or five years.
It is easy for IJMB programme candidates to be admitted into the university as the ratio of IJMB students yearly is not up to 5% of students seeking admission. So, they have easy access for admission.

And unlike ND, Ijmb programme lasts for year not two years.

One truth is that IJMB programme has no official website. So, don’t mind the plethora of sites claiming to be the official page of IJMB programme. The programme is moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, but there are so many private Ijmb study centres in Nigeria that are affiliated to Ahmadu Bello university. While registering, candidate should be careful. There are so many assumed Ijmb centres that are not registered, thus, they are likely to waste your time and resources, because at the end of the day they will take you to registered centres for the final Exam, without teaching you well.
You need to be guided through the whole process of Ijmb programme to have easy entrance into the university at the end of the programme. And that’s why we are here for you. We know virtually all the study centres, and we know their abilities. We are here to direct you to the best of the best. We don’t have a centre of our own, but we know where to direct you to aid your performance.
Contact us today to register for Ijmb programme.



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