Ijmb Admission In Nigeria

Ijmb admission is another direct entry programme that enables students secure admission into 200level in many Nigerian universities. There are other direct entry programmes like National Diploma (ND), National Certificate Examinations (NCE), Diploma, JUPEB etc. All these aforementioned direct entry programmes help students secure admission every year. But research has proved that Ijmb is the least used by students. And this is because students don’t know much about Ijmb programme. Or perhaps trust it enough as a reliable means for university admission. Especially when we tell them that they don’t need to write Jamb. And that’s the truth. Ijmb admission doesn’t need Jamb exam. Also, Ijmb admission doesn’t need for entrance exam. The only exam that Ijmb candidates will write for Ijmb admission is at the end of the programme. This exam is called Ijmb exam and it’s what qualifies Ijmb candidates for university admission.

Ijmb admission is reliably a good programme for direct entry into the university. Yearly, a good number of admission seekers secure admission using Ijmb admissions. And how this works is not hard at all.

For those who are interested in securing admission into the university but have been delayed by Jamb, here is your chance to break through. Ijmb admission offers you direct entry admission into the university of your choice without Jamb. Also, Ijmb admission is a direct entry programme that lasts for nine to ten months. And students should know Ijmb admission form is always out for sale throughout the year. No matter the time you wish to register, ijmb form will still be on sale. Ijmb admission is always out either for a current academic session or the next. For students registering anytime later than October, you should know that it’s best you resume for the next academic session that definitely will begin around April. But if you register between February when a session ends and October, you can still resume for the running academic session.

Ijmb admission is quite affordable. But the fees varies depending on your study centre. Because there are many ijmb study centres across the country, and most of these ijmb study centres are private, the fees vary. Even the university based ijmb centres still vary in their fees. Why they vary is based on many contingencies, like location, quality of available facilities, lecturers, among other things. Interested candidates should be rest assured we will lead them to the right study centres in any State they choose to study.


  1. Obtain your Ijmb form. You can get your IJMB form at any of our Ijmb registration centres. Call us for addresses. Ijmb form is #8,000. Candidates should come with two of their passport size photographs, and O’level results if available ( awaiting result too is allowed).
  2. Fill the form accordingly. State your preference state of study.
  3. Then resume. We always advise students to make sure to resume as early as possible.

There are different IJMB study centres across the country. Even in some States, there almost a dozen of them. And all these Ijmb study centres are desperately in search of students. Ijmbcentre.com is here to help you have the best pick. Ijmb is a very good programme for direct entry admissions, but one still needs to do it right. Doing Ijmb right means studying in the best ijmb study centre around. You need to study with the best centre which is up-to-date with the running IJMB Syllabus. For you have study with the best IJMB study centre, register with us today.

Ijmb admission is, at this time, very helpful to direct entry admissions. And students should know that it’s not proper to use their Ijmb results to seek admission into Polytechnics or other colleges of education. Ijmb is in a way equivalent to these programmes. And all these programmes are used for direct entry. The major aim of IJMB admission is to help secure admission into the University not polytechnics.

Ijmb admission of recent is fast growing. We keep hearing of new study centres across the country. And We are happy this is happening. Because we know this will strengthen the power of IJMB admission in direct entry admission. Still, we need to guide our students to the right Ijmb study centre. It’s our job, it’s what we do. That’s why we register students for the programme. We register them and monitor their steps and make sure they finish successfully.

This is no time to doubt. It is no time to waste another year rewriting JAMB, without any assurance of success. This is the time to move forward. It is the time to begin your journey to receiving your Bsc or B.A honours. Register for IJMB admission with us and find yourself in the university (200level)  in just a year.

Apply for IJMBE and be a graduate in few years.

For more info, call us on 08160120236.

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