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There are registered and accredited IJMB centres in Ibadan, Oyo state. Both IJMB study centres and Ijmb registration centres. For students who reside in any part of Oyo state and it’s environs, you can now study for IJMB in Ibadan. You don’t have to travel to other states to obtain Ijmb form because we have IJMB registration centres inside the University of Ibadan, Oyo State. And for those who reside in Lagos, Abeokuta (Ogun State), Osun State, and wish to study for IJMB in Ibadan, be rest assured we will guide you to the best Ijmb centres in Ibadan. We have very good IJMB centres in Oyo State. 

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About Ijmb form and registration in Ibadan, Oyo State, candidates can obtain Ijmb form at the University of Ibadan. We have chosen that environment for our Ijmb registration centre because it’s easy to locate. But candidates should know that there is no Ijmb study centre inside the University of Ibadan. Don’t allow anyone deceive you. None of the Ijmb study centres in Ibadan is located inside the University of Ibadan. You can only obtain form and register for the programme there, you can not have your study centre inside the school. 

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Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the location of the Ijmb centres in Ibadan we work with are not conducive. Our Ijmb study centres are located in the right environment. Our Ijmb centres in Ibadan are in conducive environments. In fact, we won’t work with any Ijmb study centre within or around the University of Ibadan’s environment. This is because it will affect the concentration of candidates. And we need our candidates to focus and give the best of their seriousness.

 IJMB FEES FOR IBADAN STUDY CENTRE:     Ijmb centres in Ibadan are very affordable. Ijmb fees for Ijmb centres in Ibadan are, over the years, between #140,000 and #150,000. These fees include accommodation, tuition fees, acceptance fees.

Breakdown Of Ibadan Ijmb Fees:       Ijmb form :#8,000.

Acceptance fees : #15,000

Tuition fees : #100,000

Accommodation fees : #35,000.

NOTE: Candidates should know that this is not the permanent total fees yearly. Sometimes, the fees might be less or more.

Candidates should know that the number of Ijmb centres in Ibadan is increasing every session. But they should be well assured to get into the best ijmb centre in Ibadan through us. We have always said this and we will continue to say it. We know the performances of all the Ijmb centres in Ibadan, so we know the right centre for you. All you need to do is to register for your Ijmb programme through us.

How to register for Ijmb programme in Ibadan, Oyo State:                                           We have always advertised the various ways of registering for ijmb programme with us. And basically, there are two major ways.                                  You can visit our Ijmb registration centres closest to you. It doesn’t have to be the state in which you want to study.                                                                    Or register through your email address. All you need to do is to mail us @ijmbcenter94@gmail.com, requesting for the form. We will then forward you the form alongside a message to guide you.


Let us take this opportunity to advise the general public concerning Ijmb programme. We advise candidates against late registration. Anything later than September is naturally too late for Ijmb. Unless the candidate believes he’s capable of catching up with have been taught and learnt, we advise s/he waits for a new session. This is because most of those who often fail Ijmb are those who resume late. It might be difficult to catch up with the things the centre had done for the previous four or five months.

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There are many Ijmb centres in Ibadan, but we know the right one for you. Contact us today on 08160120236. For further enquiries, drop your comments below. Remember we are always here to guide you. With us, you will get to study at the best Ijmb centres in Ibadan.

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