For quick and accurate information about Ijmb centres in Ilorin, call 08160120236. And we are always ready to answer every of your questions concerning Ijmb centres in Ilorin, Kwara State. Also, for general questions about Ijmb programme, feel free to dial our number, we will gladly attention to you.

Ijmb centres in Ilorin are the Ijmb studying centres that are located in Ilorin, Kwara State. And Ilorin seems to be the heart of Ijmb Programme. So, there are so many IJMB centres in Ilorin. Smd also, there are so many other accredited Ijmb study centres in Nigeria. Quickly, let’s tell you there are two different ways you can register with us. You can visit our centre around Taiwo Isale to obtain the form. Or forward us your email address, requesting for the form which will be sent to you asap. ijmbcenter94@gmail.com

Like most other States in Nigeria, there are many IJMB studying centres in Ilorin, Kwara State. The first thing candidates should know is that there’s no official IJMB centre in Ilorin, or any place for that matter. People should outrightly disregard anybody claiming to be running the official Ijmb centre in Ilorin. All Ijmb centres in Ilorin are private. There are no institution based Ijmb centres in Ilorin. None of the universities or polytechnics in Ilorin, Kwara State runs an internal Ijmb Programme. But University of Ilorin and Kwara State University accept Ijmb Programme for direct entry admission respectively.

All Ijmb centres in Ilorin are all private. There are differences among the Ijmb centres around, in terms of experienced lecturers, affordable fees, conducive learning environments among other things. Ijmb centres in Ilorin operate independently of each other. But Ijmb syllabus  and exam serve as the connection among all the IJMB study centres. So in choosing which Ijmb centre to apply to, you need to consult those who know the abilities and strengths of these centres. And that’s why you need to contact us.
There are over fifteen Ijmb centres in Ilorin alone over the years. And this is because over the years, the University of Ilorin has been one of the leading institutions that accept IJMB candidates in large number.

So, for this reason, a lot of IJMB candidates

 who wish and plan to cross to the University of Ilorin after their IJMB programme come to Ilorin for study.  But this doesn’t stop other Ijmb candidates who plan to cross to other universities from coming to Ilorin to undergo their Ijmb Programme.

And also, this is not to say that IJMB candidates that wish to cross to the University of Ilorin after their IJMB programme can’t study in other states.

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About Transferring of Ijmb  Candidates :

I have always debunked the rumour that, whenever one Ijmb centre is full in the preferred State of a candidate, there will be transferring of such candidate to other Ijmb Centres in other States by force. Don’t be deceived, it’s a trick many of the IJMB study centres’ coordinators are using to register IJMB candidate’s to their own centres by all means. You should learn wherever you have chosen to learn. For people having such problem, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll guide you to good Ijmb studying centres in your preferred States. And  if there’s no Ijmb studying centre in your preferred state yet, we will inform you. And then suggest ti you closer states with good Ijmb studying centres.

We know the good Ijmb centres in          Ilorin, contact us.

For IJMB candidates that genuinely wish to have their Ijmb  centres in Ilorin, it’s better to register through us. The reason is that we have no IJMB Studying Centre of our own. What we do is to direct Ijmb candidates to where we know is best for them.

And over the years, we have done that without any form of bias. How we do this is by having no permanent business ally or enemy. We observe and study the performances of all the Ijmb centres in Ilorin and other States, doing this allow us to know which is reputable and which isn’t.
And for business ethics, we will not mention any name here. All you need to do is to contact us.  We have kept a good run of competition among the Ijmb centres in Ilorin and other States with our critics over the years. And we won’t jeopardize the future of our customers, audience and youths at large, by keeping quiet or misinforming people.

Yes, you should know we make our own money by selling Ijmb form and registering Ijmb students. But we are concerned about where you end up doing your ijmb programme. And this is to save you from all forms of extortion. We have been in this business for a while, we know all that’s to know about Ijmb programme.

Currently, the centre we work with is very affordable. And not that it is the least, there are other IJMB schools with lesser price, but we don’t trust them a bit. Some are not even better than a tutorial centre.

In total, you should not spend more than #160,000 throughout the duration of the Ijmb programme.
And this include the following:

Acceptance fees

Accommodation fees

School fees

Examination fees
Once you register for the programme, all you do is to resume to the centre we direct you to. You go through the programme, preparing for the final exam which is to come up by February. After the exam, you wait for two months or less for your result, which you will use to apply for direct entry admission into the University.
Saying all these do not mean the ijmb centre we refer you to do magic for candidates. You need to seriously read and study. While the Ijmb centre is doing her part giving you the best, you have to help yourself too by reading.

As a candidate, if you are serious enough to study hard, then you won’t have any problem.

Obtain and register for Ijmb Programme with us join the your mates in becoming university graduates.

For more enquiries, contact us. ijmbcenter94@gmail.com or call us on 08160120236.

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