Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

To get accurate information about IJMB CENTRES IN PORT HARCOURT and registration procedures, call 08160120236.  You don’t need to waste another year waiting to obtain JAMB which you are not even sure of passing. Obtain your IJMB form today anf get started on your sure way into the university (200lv). This post is for you to know about Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt and accredited Ijmb study centers in Nigeria.

Summary of Ijmb Centres in Port Harcourt:

To obtain IJMB form and register for  ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, you can visit our IJMB registration centre at Choba campus, Uniport. Or call us on 08160120236. You also register using your email address. Email us at ijmbcenter94@gmail.com. Be rest assured we will guide you to the best Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt. To know more about ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, read the article below or contact us for further enquiries.

              MAIN ARTICLE:

There are many Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State now in Ijmb Programme business. The time of Ijmb prospective candidates from Rivers State and its environs traveling down to Lagos, Abeokuta, Ilorin, Zaria, Ibadan etc for Ijmb programme is over. There are now enough Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt that you can register.

And not only that, we also have Ijmb registration centre in Choba Campus, University of Port Harcourt, where you can go to easily obtain Ijmb form and register for Ijmb programme.

We have also discovered that Ijmb school fees of Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State are not too expensive. The Ijmb school fees are between #150,000 and 160,000 in different Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt. And that is the total school fees for Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt.


This post will explain the following ;


How and where to obtain Ijmb form in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

The requirements for Ijmb registration in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

The best Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt for you


And the Ijmb school fees breakdown for Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State
We always say this very often, we say there are many Ijmb study centres around you, but few are good for you. And we know those few. Of recent, many Ijmb centres keep sprouting up. That is a good thing. It will help Ijmb programme grow. But students need to be careful with which Ijmb centre they register with. The Ijmb study centre they register with has a long way in determining their success in the Ijmb final exam.

In all the Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, we know the ones good for you. We have worked with them over the years, and they have been doing wonders. Also, the good thing is they listen to us and improve on our observations. Normally, these observations are the complaints of students we send to them. But we won’t mention the name of any Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt here because this isn’t an advertising site.  You just have to trust us to guide you to the right Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt. These are the benefit of allowing us guide you to Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt :

  1. A centre full of experienced lecturers : We make sure to send you to where we trust the experiences of their lecturers. This is helpful because these experienced lecturers know much about Ijmb final exams through their many years of tutoring for Ijmb. So, they know where to focus on. They can intuitively guess right what the questions will look like, and will tutor you base on this.  Isn’t that a good thing for you?
  2. Conducive learning environments. We know the danger in studying in a noisy environs. It will strongly affect the assimilation of students. 
  3. Affordable Ijmb School Fees : the school fees at the Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt we will guide you to are affordable. The total package should be between #150,000 and #160,000 for the total package. We don’t mislead students here. Some websites can tell you the total package for their ijmb programme is #120,000 but you find out that you will be spending more than #200,000 when you resume. We tell you everything you need to know as they are and leave you to decide.
  4. Teaching with the current syllabus: Sometimes, there are changes made to the Ijmb syllabus. And if a centre do not get the current syllabus, it will mislead students. So, we make sure we check with all the Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt and beyond that we work with, to know if they have the current syllabus or not.
  5. Our students are respectfully and specially treated. The Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt and other States that we work with know how much it will cost them if stop believing in them. Thus, they diligently treat our candidates. We check with our students very often to know their progress, and if there’s any case of extortion.
  6. Good Accommodation System

With all the above points, registering with us will be your first step to ijmb success. 08160120236 or email us @ ijmbcenter94@gmail.com.

     How to register in Ijmb centres in                               Port Harcourt:

Ijmb form and registrations for Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt is easy to obtain and do. For students who are interested in registering for Ijmb in Port Harcourt, all they have to do is to visit our Ijmb registration centre at Shop 11, Students Solution centre, Choba Campus,  University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 


Students, over the years, have been visiting our Ijmb registration centre at Choba Campus for easy and fraud free Ijmb registration. All you need to do as ijmb prospective candidate is to fund your way into our ijmb registration centre, our ijmb registration agents are always there to help you through the registration procedures. We prefer this mode of ijmb registration because it safeguards our students from the cold  claws of online fraudsters.

We often discourage students from making payments online for ijmb form, not because it’s not genuine, but because the genuine  ones are very few. And if they are not careful, they end up defrauded. Some even lose more money than the #8,000 for ijmb form when they blindly pay for acceptance fees online. Why should you waste your money when you can easily find your way into out Ijmb registration centre at Choba campus and peaceful obtain your Ijmb form and complete your ijmb registration without any compromise.





NOTE: For those who are far from Choba campus and are willing to register with us, you can obtain Ijmb form via your email address. Just email us @ ijmbcenter94@gmail.com, demanding for the form. And for those in Port Harcourt and its environs who want to study at Ijmb study centres of other state, you can still register at Choba campus, all you need to do is to state it in your form and also tell our agent there.


            REQUIREMENTS FOR IJMB                                        REGISTRATION:


What are the requirements for Ijmb registration in Port Harcourt for Ijmb centres in Port Harcourt and other States?

What you are expected to come with when coming for Ijmb registration at our Choba campus are the following:

Your O’level results. Candidate should know that they can register also with awaiting results. The only thing is that such O’level results must be ready before the end of their Ijmb programme as they will need their O’level results in the application for direct entry programme.    Also, combined results is allowed for Ijmb registration.

The second thing you should come with for Ijmb registration are two passport size photographs of yourself.

Then, thirdly, #8,000 for the form and registration procedures.

You will get a confirmation message via your email address and mobile phone as soon as possible after your registration. And for those who wish to change their state of studying after the registration can always contact us. We will attend to your wishes.

              IJMB SCHOOL FEES

The ijmb school fees cover all expenses including the following:

Acceptance fee

Accommodation fee

Tuition Fees

For those who do not want to stay on campus, it’s not compulsory, but it’s very important. Staying on campus with your fellow students will really prepare you for the final ijmb exam.

For more details, contact us on 08160120236 or @ ijmbcenter94@gmail.com

Remember, we are to guide you always.

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