Ijmb Form And Registration Procedures

     Ijmb form are the blank documents which contain questions about  the details of Ijmb applicants. Ijmb form is a template that must be filled by ijmb interested candidates to help them submit their details.

Ijmb form is the form you obtain and fill to apply for Ijmb programme. The first step in how to apply for Ijmb programme is obtaining the Ijmb form. And there are numerous ways of obtaining Ijmb form and completing Ijmb registration procedures. But before we explain the different ways of obtaining Ijmb form, we should give you a hint of the template of Ijmb form. This template might have small changes depending on which ijmb centre you are registering with or applying through.

Ijmb form should require at least these following details among others :

Your O’level result. This can be WAEC, NECO, NUPEB, GCE, etc. But awaiting result too can apply for Ijmb programme. All you have to do is to stipulate inside the form what exam you’ve written, and when the result is probably to come out. For those applying for Ijmb programme with awaiting O’level result, make sure you have your O’level result before the end of Ijmb programme. This is because you can’t apply for direct entry in your chosen and preferred university without the O’level result.

The form should inquire about your preferred state of study. Your personal details. Undertaken. Oath. Year of application among others.

Now, let us consider answering some frequently asked questions about Ijmb form and how to apply for ijmb programme. Such questions that are peculiar with virtually every Ijmb centre and those which are peculiar with us here at ijmbcentre.com

What are the various ways of obtaining Ijmb form?

How can you obtain ijmb form from ijmbcebtre.com?

Can you obtain ijmb form online?

There are quite a handful of ways of obtaining Ijmb form. You can obtain ijmb form from different websites online. One thing you find in virtually all Ijmb centres is that they all claim to be the official website of Ijmb programme. The truth is no website is the sole official website of Ijmb programme. Since there are many private Ijmb study centres in Nigeria, there are many Ijmb websites too. Some ijmb websites are directly owned by these ijmb study centres, while some are owned by individuals who have a business agreement with ijmb study centres.

So, it is not a bad thing to obtain Ijmb form from online. One just needs to be careful. This is because most of these websites already have Ijmb centres they work with permanently. And these Ijmb study centres might not be the best for you. And for not all Ijmb study centres that have websites are good for you as well. So, once you register with them, automatically you become a student of their study centre. One thing about Ijmbcentre.com is that we don’t have a personal or permanent Ijmb study centres we work with. We work with the best Ijmb study centres. At the beginning of each session, we move around the leading ijmb study centres we know to check their preparedness for the academic year. We check their resources and equipments. And we also consider their performances in the  past academic years.

Also, students should be careful because some fraudsters  seize this opportunity to defraud unguided Ijmb candidates of their money. This means that not all websites are genuinely real. So, you have to be careful which websites you obtain ijmb form from.

We don’t have the template for putting Ijmb form on our website for now, but we are working towards it. We are working towards making it secure and save for our audience. And we hope very soon, we will be able to find away that will be stress and fraud free. It is likely we don’t even put our account details with the form, so it won’t be used as a means to defraud our students.

Another way of obtaining Ijmb form which is closely related with the online format is that of email address.  

Obtaining Ijmb form using e-mail address is simple and secured. And we are not the only one that employ this format. There are many other Ijmb registration websites and centres that make use of this registration style. How this works is that interested Ijmb candidates email us at ijmbcenter94@gmail.com, requesting for ijmb form. We then forward the Ijmb form to their email address along with our account details for payment. The candidates go to any nearest cyber cafe to fill the form and scan it back to our email address. While scanning the form back to us, you scan along the teller of your payment because you must have deposited the sum of #8,000 into our account details. We then process your registration form and within 48 hours get back to you.

The third way which is peculiar to us at ijmbcentre.com is visiting our registration centres to register. We are relentlessly working on expanding our networks beyond where we currently have them. Visiting our registration centres is the safest form of obtaining Ijmb form and completing your ijmb registration procedures. This is because our ijmb registration agents will be there to attend to you, and help you through the registration procedures. The only shortcoming to this is that we only have ijmb registration centres in Lagos, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt presently. But we are hoping to spread out tentacles before the end of this year to make it easy for candidates to obtain Ijmb form without any fear of fraud.

Out registration agents are always on the stand by to help you through your IJMB programme registration procedures.

Once you visit any of our ijmb registration centres with the sum of #8,000 and two passport size photographs. Our registration agents will answer all your questions through the registration procedures. 

And you can select any state of your preference without the fear of being transferred. There are ijmb studying centres in many states.

And about when Ijmb form and registration closes. There is no official date for the closure of Ijmb form and registration. The selling of Ijmb form usually begins around November every year while one session is on going. The selling of the form continues into resumption of a new session and even after. Since Ijmb exam is February every year. February/March marks the end of Ijmb sessions. While we resume for a new session around April/ May. During resumption, the form is still on sale. And till around September which will be like four months after resumption. Resumption around July and September is still reasonable. But starting from October, we advise students not to register for that particular session again, because it might be hard for them to catch up with what have been taught over the last few months. And this might mean failure for them. So, in other words, there’s no official date for the closure of Ijmb form and registration. It depends on the candidates. Some Ijmb centres will even encourage you to register two months away from the final exam. This is exploitation, and it is unfair. You need enough time to prepare for Ijmb exam to pass.

To register for Ijmb programme, contact us today. We are always ready to guide you through.


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    how do i get an accreditation study centre at benue

    • ijmb

      When you register with us. But we will advise you not to register for this session again because it will be extremely hard to catch up with what we have done for the past 5 months. Form for the next session which will commence next year April/May, will be out next month.

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