Ijmb form closing date

There is no official time for ijmb form closing date. Students can obtain ijmb form beginning from the beginning of ijmb session, which is always February. And definitely, ijmb form will still be on sale till around October. Most often, it is always the students that decide when it is too late to obtain the form. Ijmb programme as a direct entry admissions programme is flexible but complex. Since there are so many private Ijmb study centres in Nigeria, there’s no official date for Ijmb resumption.

The question of when Ijmb form closing date is is one of  the questions people call to ask very often. Both parents and Ijmb candidates keep calling us to ask when it will be too late to register for Ijmb. The answer we give is simple. And it is that, there is no specific or official time for Ijmb form closing date. Ijmb Exams is ways by February every year. And this exam is likely to last for two or three weeks. The session ends after the exam, and another session commences almost immediately. Let us say a new Ijmb academic session begins in April/May. Then new interested candidates should start resuming by April/May.

Most likely, some of these new candidates would have obtained ijmb form and registered before this time. This is because most of the Ijmb sites advertise registration for Ijmb new session from around November. This means that candidates can actually begin to obtain Ijmb form for a new Ijmb academic session from October/November. The registration procedures continues into the resumption month which will be around April. Also, Ijmb form closing date is not when the new session begins. The registration continues till around July.
This is because some students, who fail Jamb and/or Post Utme, will still want to consider Ijmb programme. And this better than wasting another year at home waiting for another Jamb. Why it’s bad for you to wait for another year to rewrite Jamb is because you’re not even sure you will pass it then. Every year, over 1.5 million candidates sit for Jamb. And according to research, not even half of the figure make it to the university. And then those who want to wait for another year will still be joined by fresh SSCE graduates. Increasing the number of Jamb candidates and reducing people’s chance of admission.

IJMB programme is a direct entry opportunity that students are yet to put to maximum use. But over the last decade, thousands of students had secured admission into universities through Ijmb. There is no time for Ijmb form closing date. Why we even advise students against registering for a current Ijmb session in November is because it might be too late. Not every candidate will be smart enough to catch up with the topics that had been treated before their resumption. And we make sure that we direct our candidates to where they teach you with the current syllabus of Ijmb. This means that every topic we teach in our Ijmb centres is very important and likely to appear in exams.

Candidates should therefore disregard every misleading information from any Ijmb site. One important thing we jeep telling people is that there is no official Ijmb Site or official Ijmb centre. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria is the university moderating Ijmb, all other centres are affiliated to them. And Ahamdu Bello University, in the history of Ijmb, has never given out Ijmb form closing date. They allow the independent running of every affiliated Ijmb centre.                             Any person or site asking you for late registration fees is attempting to fraud you. There is nothing like late registration fees in Ijmb. When you register for Ijmb programme is your choice.

Our advice is that you make sure to register early, so that you can make good use do the opportunity. We advice our candidates not to resume for Ijmb programme anything later than September/October. Because it is risky, and we do not like seeing our candidates fail. Ijmb programme should be your solution to admission problems, not be a problem on its own.

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