This post covers everything you need to know about IJMB  Study Centres in Nigeria. We try as much as possible to answer all the important questions we answer everyday through emails, phone calls, texts messages, Facebook chats, etc.  Specifically, we covered the following sub headings :

* What exactly do we mean by IJMB  Study Centres in Nigeria?

* Short review of what Ijmb programme is…

* The types of Ijmb study centres in Nigeria :

* Accredited Ijmb study centres in Nigeria

1. Institutions Based Ijmb study                                centres in Nigeria

2. Private Ijmb study centres in Nigeria

* How to recognize a good private Ijmb study centres in Nigeria?

* What are the Fees for good IJMB study centres in Nigeria?


Ijmb Study Centres in Nigeria are the registered and accredited affiliated outlets where registered Ijmb students receive lectures and training. These ijmb centres in Nigeria are quite different from ijmb registration centres. Although, students can obtain ijmb registration forms at ijmb study centres, it is better for students to go and obtain ijmb form at any of the ijmb registration centres.


There are so many Ijmb learning centres or Ijmb schools across the country, but there are few ones that are good and professional enough to earn our trust.
This post is meant to guide Ijmb candidates in deciding on where to run the Ijmb programme.

By now you should have a reliable knowledge of what Ijmb programme is all about. But let us quickly go over it if it’s still not clear to you. If it is, you can scroll down to read about the Ijmb programme registration centres.

IJMB which stands for the Interim Joint Matriculation Board, is an A’level programme in all sincerity. IJMB programme helps its candidates to secure direct entry admission into the university without writing JAMB. We all know the evils of JAMB. How JAMB is capable of wasting years of your life without helping you secure admission. It is in this vein that IJMB proves importantly and useful, as it doesn’t require you to write neither JAMB or POST UTME.

IJMB programme serves as the first year of a university degree. Also, it is pertinent that candidates take note that it’s not advisable for National Diploma or NCE holder to apply for Ijmb, except their result isn’t good enough to help them secure direct entry admission. This is because Ijmb is the same as ND and NCE, when it comes to direct entry admission.

Types of Ijmb study centres in Nigeria:

Now, let’s quickly move back to Ijmb programme schools or ijmb study centres, and the two types of sanctioned Ijmb study centres that we have. There are so many Ijmb centres or schools across the country as the case may be.

Government, through the NUC, allows for the private establishment of Ijmb study centres, as a means of partnership. This partnership created by the Government under the aegis of expanding the parameter of the programme has allowed for the private ijmb centres.

Private Ijmb Study Centres in Nigeria

What differentiates private ijmb centres from the institutions based is the fact that they are not run by any institution; be it a Polytechnic or University. The private Ijmb study centres are owned by concerned individuals. These individuals after registering their ijmb study centres under the appropriate authorities, have the license to run the Ijmb programme.

So they look for a very good environment, build or rent apartments which will serve as HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION and LECTURE THEATRES for registered Ijmb students.

The private Ijmb study centres, guided by the syllabus drafted by Ahmadu Bello university, enroll students and tutor them in preparation for the final Ijmb exam, which usually is set by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

There are many private Ijmb study centres, but few are good ones. Based on our experiences from either working with them, or merely by observing them, we know what each one of the Ijmb study centres is capable of. We know the strength of virtually all private Ijmb study centres, even some of the so called institutions based ijmb centres. We know the abilities of their lecturers, especially the popular and so called reputable private ijmb study centres. And the fate of a ijmb candidate lies in the abilities and strengths of the centre’s lecturers.


Institutions Based Ijmb Study                                          Centres :

These kinds of Ijmb study centres are directly controlled and run by Polytechnics and Universities. This is just like the way the programme is being run by the moderating body; Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

And we have found out that the cogent reason some institution run ijmb programme is to generate funds internally for themselves. Schools like :

The Polytechnic Ibadan

Osun State University

Kaduna State University

Ahmadu Bello University, among others.

In as much as it is gives one more confidence to do the ijmb programme in a well knows higher institutions, we advice students against it. There are reasons of course:

We discovered that ijmb students are not given optimum attention after payment of fees. Which means that their lectures timetable are not stable.

Secondly, their fees are very much higher than the private centres’. And the Private Ijmb study centres have no other business but to make sure their candidates are well tutored in preparation for the IJMB exams.

The candidates under institutions are sometimes too much and beyond the capabilities of available resources.

But this doesn’t stop us from saying ijmb candidates from such centres had in the past be successful. And others will still be in the future. Only that you need to think carefully before choosing where to put your head. And we are always here to guide you, sincerely.

To find yourself in a very good and trusted Ijmb study centre with affordable price, contact us.

You need to know what we mean by good Ijmb study centres before you trust our judgment, and apply through us. If the points we will highlight below are different from your own definition of good Ijmb study centres, then don’t bother registering through us. You can seek to register with another Ijmb guide.

1. Conducive Learning Environment
This is the utmost factor we consider before we can trust to work with any Ijmb study centre. The environment in which the Ijmb study centre is located must be serene and conducive for learning, especially if the same environment is where the hostel accommodation is located. We understand and relate with the need for students to learn in very conducive environment. An environment that is peaceful, safe and lacking of unnecessarily blaring of speakers or human noise.

2. Competent and experienced ijmb lecturers.

3. Modern and working  equipments, especially for science students.

4. Good human relationship. They need to know how to relate with every student relatively.


The fees vary. Some Ijmb study centres charge up to #180,000 for the total package, while some charge below or even above it. For good IJMB study centres with affordable price, contact us.

It is also arranged that candidates can pay on instalments if they can’t afford to pay all the money at once.

IJMB programme is real and genuine. But you need to apply for it at the right centre. We know those right ijmb study centres across the country.

Begin your journey into the university today with us. Register for Ijmb programme with us, and let’s guide you to the best ijmb study centre.


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