Is Ijmb programme real?

Can I gain admission into the university through Ijmb programme?

How real is Ijmb programme?

These are part of the most frequently asked questions about Ijmb Programme in Nigeria. Questions that we answer daily to quench the curiosity of our audience.

Of course Ijmb Programme is real. The question should not be is Ijmb programme real, it should be more centred on how to  apply for Ijmb programme. And which Ijmb studying centre is good for you.


Ijmb programme is real and genuine. That’s the first thing you should take from us. Don’t bother asking us is Ijmb programme real when you call because it’s very real and genuine. We are tired of answering that question. The question you should be asking us  should be about the ijmb study centres in Nigeria good for you. IJMB programme has been running for over three decades now, and it has helped thousands of student’s secure direct entry admission into the university. Ijmb programme is a government sanctioned admission programme.

IJMB is a programme established to ease the admission problems in the country, especially in the Northern region. It’s sadly painful to hear parents and guardians alike, calling us to verify the authenticity of Ijmb programme. It is just like calling to verify the authenticity of JAMB OR WAEC. Ijmb programme has been running for years. And even Jamb includes Ijmb programme in their brochure as part of the required alternatives for direct entry admission in the country. So, it’s painfully hilarious when people ask is Ijmb programme real. But just like in Jamb and every other admission examination processes, there are fraudsters who use the authenticity of ijmb programme to defraud innocent students. We have recorded so many fraud related cases of different forms.

Therefore, we employ students to take serious precaution while applying for Ijmb programme. We are not saying we at is the only genuine Ijmb registration centre in the whole of Nigeria. If we say so, it will obviously be a misleading business strategy.

There are quite a few of other ijmb sites that are real and genuine. The only difference between us and the others is, we will always tell you the truth about ijmb programme, and most importantly about the Ijmb study centers. And this is because we have no study centres of our own. So, leading you to the right ones will not be any problem. And we can assure you that our judgement on the Ijmb study centers are sincere, genuine and free of bias.

One other thing is, we also accommodate candidates that have registered with other Ijmb registration centres. Registering with another registration centre doesn’t stop you from contacting us for guide. We are always here to help you with all the answers you need. Even if all you still want to ask is, is Ijmb programme real, we will answer you.

About registering online, we always advise against this because it’s easy to be defrauded through it. We say it’s easy you go to any of our  ijmb registration centres, if any is close by. Or better still forward us an e-mail seeking for the Ijmb form. We’ll forward you the form alongside payment details and procedures, and you can go to any nearby cyber cafe to scan the form back to us, with the teller of payment.    Read more on Ijmb form and registration procedures for better understanding.

And Ijmb candidates should be aware of making any payment before resumption. Wait until you resume and get to the Ijmb studying centre before making any payment. Don’t mind anyone telling you your registration will be nullified if you don’t meet up with a payment deadline. You can always make your payment when you get to the study centre. For further question, contact us.

To conclude this post, we want to reinstate that Ijmb programme is genuinely real. It’s government sactioned. But you still need to be careful with who you register with. We want the best for you. Contact us today to guide you on how to apply for Ijmb programme. But if you have anybody around who had done the Ijmb programme and is willing to put you through, please don’t hesitate. The person’s experience will help you in preparing yourself for the Ijmb programme.

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