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How To Apply For IJMB Programme In Nigeria

Summary Of How To Apply For Ijmb Programme In Nigeria : You will obtain your Ijmb form from our Ijmb registration centre closer to you. Or through your email address. You will need to email us at ijmbcenter94@gmail.com requesting for the form. An email of your study centre address, payment plans, and other things will […]

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This post covers everything you need to know about IJMB ┬áStudy Centres in Nigeria. We try as much as possible to answer all the important questions we answer everyday through emails, phone calls, texts messages, Facebook chats, etc. ┬áSpecifically, we covered the following sub headings : * What exactly do we mean by IJMB ┬áStudy […]

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Is Ijmb programme real? Can I gain admission into the university through Ijmb programme? How real is Ijmb programme? These are part of the most frequently asked questions about Ijmb Programme in Nigeria. Questions that we answer daily to quench the curiosity of our audience. Of course Ijmb Programme is real. The question should not be is […]

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