How To Apply For IJMB Programme (Full Details)-2020/2021

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How to apply for IJMB programme with an accredited study centre/ IJMB registration procedures/ IJMB registration fee/ IJMB school fee/

Just as the topic says, we will be guiding you on how to apply for the IJMB programme in 2019.

If you have done your due diligence and findings on IJMB programme, you would know that there are accredited IJMb study centres and there are centres that are not accredited. This is why we will be showing you not just how to register for IJMB but how to apply with an accredited centre.

If this is your first time of reading about the IJMB programme you may be ignorant of what an unaccredited centre is.

Registering with Unaccredited vs Accredited IJMB Centres.

Registering with IJMB Centres that are not accredited can pose a great threat to how successful the whole academic process will be. The problem associated with unaccredited study centres is that the student are at the risk of not being registered at the end of the session. Even if they are registered, their results may not be original from ABU Zaria.

Meanwhile, if you are registering with an IJMB accredited centre, you do not have to worry. If you made errors during the process of registration, it can easily be rectified. The best part of it all is that some IJMB accredited centre have links with some universities and can easily help their best students process their admission into 200lv without stress.

Now that you know about unaccredited and accredited IJMB centres, we will be explaining what IJMB is all about.

In this post, we have provided full details on how to apply for IJMB programme at any of our registration centres nationwide.  You can reach us by contacting the number below to know if the Application form is still on sale. The Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMB) form is #8,000


What is IJMB

IJMB is a 9-MONTHS intensive A-level programme that qualifies you for IJMB final Exams, which will give you the opportunity to apply for direct entry into any university of your choice.

You can use your IJMB Examination result to apply for Direct Entry Admission into 200Level in almost all Nigerian Universities of your choice after the Programme.

IJMB Subject Combination

A candidate is to select any THREE (3) A/LEVEL SUBJECTS(I.J.M.B is an Alevel Programme) they will be going for From:

Physics, Chemistry, biology, Mathematics
&Geography for Sciences, Economics, Business management, Accounts, Government, Sociology, CRS/IRS, Literature for Arts/Social Sciences/
Humanities candidates.

Also Read: IJMB subject combination for all courses


Below is IJMB registration requirements

(a) five O/L credit passes as contain in jamb brochure
(b) Awaiting result can also apply but O/L result must be
available before University

You can also view detailed information on IJMB registration requirements by clicking HERE

IJMB School Fees Breakdown

* IJMB school fees: N100,000 (Hundred Thousand Naira) only.
(for students who do not have the complete fee, A minimum payment of 50,000 should be made on resumption)

* Hostel fee: N30,000. (for hostel fee, a minimum of 15,000 should be paid on resumption)

* Acceptance fee: 20,000.

* Practicals (for science students only): 10,000


The least payment any prospective student can resume with is N100,000 before balancing up later. This includes N50,000 for school fees part payment, #30,000 for hostel and the N20,000.00 for acceptance.

All candidates should note that this fees vary from state to state and also from one centre to another.

Important Notice: schedule of IJMB fees for IJMB Guide students


Our IJMB hostel accommodation is in a very conducive and serene environment with water and adequate electricity. Few bed spaces are available for incoming students and allocation is going to be based entirely on a first come first serve basis.

Universities that accepts IJMB Result in Nigeria

Over 70% of universities in Nigeria accept IJMB result for direct entry admission into 200 level. Check page 4 of the jamb brochure for confirmation.

We have good recommended centres in about 60% of Nigerian States. We will refer you to one of this best accredited study centers.

How to Apply for IJMB Programme.

Prospective candidates who wish to apply for IJMB programme have two options. This means that prospective applicants can either visit our registration centres to apply or do it online by using their internet enabled mobile phone, computer/laptop or by visiting a cyber cafe closer to them.

How to Apply for IJMB Online

N/B: You Can Use AR Under Grades after selecting each Subject if you are using Awaiting Results.

Go to the bank below and pay N8,000 or you can do an ATM or mobile transfer to the school account provided in the registration portal.



You will be contacted after registration. To make it faster, call 07039251436 after registration.

After completing the form below, we will assign you to one of the centers in the state you choose during registration.

How to Apply for IJMB Programme at our Registration Centre.

To apply for IJMB programme at our registration centre closer to you, kindly contact our helpline on 07039251436 and tell the representative your location. The address of the registration centre closer to you will be sent to you.

Note: We do not have registration centre in all the states of the federation.

To get the application form, for more consultation or for processing of the admission, contact us with the numbers below;

Helpline: 08087823416

You can also use the comment section below to make inquiries how you can apply for IJMB programme. We will reply as soon as possible

Updated: January 26, 2021 — 6:00 pm


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